Fluorescent Lights For Plant Growth

Light is the all-important source of energy used by plants in photosynthesis. But light is not just one simple, well-defined entity. The plant response is influenced by light... [Read more]

How To Get On The Show TANKED?

I’m sure everyone’s seen the show..but here’s how you can BE ON THE SHOW. Hopefully someone here will get the chance! 🙂 TANKED is Looking for Fish Tank Fanatics!! Have... [Read more]

37,000 Year Old Baby Mammoth

This is pretty cool! I didn’t expect them to find such a preserved baby mammoth. Here is some information about it.. The frozen body of a baby woolly mammoth that died... [Read more]

Watch Whale Wars

If there’s a show that I’m looking forward to, it’s Whale Wars. It’s premiering on the Animal Planet on November 7th, 9PM EST. I always enjoyed reality... [Read more]

Fish ‘N Flush Toilet Fish Tanks

i’ve heard about a toilet tank that had a fish tank in it awhile back but I guess it’s starting to catch on…. In an era when even the most random household item... [Read more]

The Nation’s Coolest Creatures posted the nation’s coolest creatures. it’s an interesting list to check out. But here are the aquatic creatures that made it on the list. Bull Shark These... [Read more]

Reproductive Behavior in Freshwater Fish

Fish can be divided into two broad categories on the basis of their breeding behavior. Egg-layers, which form the majority, practice external fertilization, while in live bearers... [Read more]

A World With No Pets….

Received an important email today from our sponsor ThatFishPlace that I thought I would share with you all. Here’s what it says… Attention Pet Owners What would the... [Read more]

Aquarium puts three rare fish on display

THE Shanghai Ocean Aquarium plans to add three rare fish that have never been exhibited in the country before to its collection – the freshwater lionfish, sisorid catfish... [Read more]

Whale Shark At the Georgia Aquarium

ATLANTA- Two large trucks with police escorts flashing their lights rumbled up to the world’s largest aquarium early Friday with its newest residents—two whale sharks... [Read more]

Goliath the 20lb Lobster

Check out this giant lobster and also a rare “orange” or “cooked” lobster color. A 20-pound lobster named ‘Goliath’ is donated to an aquarium... [Read more]

Bus-sized squid washes up on beach

HOBART, Australia (AP) — A squid as long as a bus and weighing 550 pounds washed up on an Australian beach, officials said Wednesday. The giant squid was found by a beachcomber... [Read more]

Monster Crab

Monster crab with claws the size of a man’s hand captured off the British coast It lurked in the wreck of an old battleship 160ft below the surface – a true monster of... [Read more]

MFT Is Now On FaceBook!

I’m a few years behind on this facebook thing but I thought why not create a MFT Group on Facebook? We have one on MySpace but it seems that everyone has moved onto Facebook.... [Read more]

Freshwater Snail Removal

While you often hear hobbyists saying they can’t get rid of all the snails in their tank, having snails in your freshwater aquarium as a rule is actually quite beneficial.... [Read more]

Top 5 Things Not To Do When Setting Up A Fish Tank

1. Not Buying A Big Enough Tank Raise your hand if you wish you had a bigger tank than the one you started out with? This is what happens. You want a fish tank and you decide on... [Read more]

Octosquid Caught At Keahole Point

t’s a squid, it’s an octopus, it’s … a mystery from the deep.What appears to be a half-squid, half-octopus specimen found off Keahole Point on the Big Island... [Read more]

Awesome Underwater Photos

Got an email today that was filled with some prety awesome underwater photos that I thought I’d share here. I don’t know who took these pictures but they look like... [Read more]

Not Your Typical Fish Tank Anymore

A few days ago, I came across this article in the LA Times that focused on the growing trend of aquascaping your aquarium. Ofcourse they mentioned Takashi Amano (to which I have... [Read more]

Peta and Sea Kittens

punkrockfish started a thread about Peta & sea kittens which reminded me about it so I wanted to post it here. You can join the discussion about it on the forum. A quick note... [Read more]

Fish Head or Rock?

Fish Head or Rock? A stone that sat for 15 years in a Kent rockery has been identified as the fossilised head of an 80m-year-old fish. The rock was found on a beach during a family... [Read more]

Anyone Know A Shark Dentist?

It can’t be easy trying to light up under the ocean. But while at first glance it looks like he’s enjoying a cigar, this shark has actually come off worse in an encounter... [Read more]

Secrets Of The See-Thru Fish

At first I thought this was some kind of hoax..I initially thought the stuff in the head was a reflection of fishes but it’s actually see-thru. wow! creepy but amazing! here... [Read more]

Henry The Hexapus

A handout image from Blackpool Sealife Centre shows an octopus with six legs, or ‘hexapus.’ British marine experts have found what they claim is a world first —... [Read more]

Giant Bug For Your Fish Tank

haha just kidding. I’ve had this article opened on my browser for the past week so it’s time I showed you guys (cause it’s getting creepy opening up my browser... [Read more]

Aquadom – Big Tank!

If you think your tank is too big or someone tells you not to get that big tank….I present to you..the AQUADOM! from wiki…. The AquaDom in Berlin, Germany, is a 25... [Read more]

See-Through Goldfish

It’s a few days late as I’m sure some of you saw this already but I thought it was cool enough to share here. Japanese researchers have developed a see-through goldfish... [Read more]

Using Fake Plants and Corals

Sometimes we get really into our hobby and want to make everything as natural as possible. Real sand, real rocks, real plants, real corals and hopefully real fish. But sometimes... [Read more]

Surfers and Jumping Sharks

This Black Tip shark was snapped leaping from the waves perilously close to care-free surfers in Florida earlier this month. Kem McNair, 55, a surfer and amateur photographer... [Read more]

Albino White Whale

now this is cool… excepts from the article… Whale sharks are unusual and mysterious creatures but this rare albino specimen makes it even more so. The 10-metre long... [Read more]

World Ocean Day 2007

Today is World Ocean Day and I wanted to help spread the word. Why Should I Celebrate World Ocean Day? It’s up to each one of us to help ensure that our ocean is protected... [Read more]

Join Responsible FishKeeping Initiative (RFI)

Help stop the release of anything from an aquarium into local waters. Here is some information that I received from HIQ-USA. Red-tailed catfish, pacus and iridescent sharks may... [Read more]

3 New Pacific Marine Sanctuaries

I’m always happy to read news like this… Announcing the largest marine conservation effort in history, President George W. Bush on Tuesday designated three remote... [Read more]

Alien Squid From The Ocean

The aliens do exist! Check out this pretty creepy video of some kind of alien squid floating by. It was obtained by the National Geographic News of a rarely seen squid above the... [Read more]

Banggai Cardinal Fish Endangered List

I was browsing through and came across a list of endangered species and the banggai cardinal fish made the list. I’ve heard about them being in trouble by overfishing... [Read more]

Rock Climbing Catfish Discovered

A previously unknown species of climbing catfish has been discovered in remote Venezuela, and its strange traits are shaking the evolutionary tree for these fish. The newfound... [Read more]

How Many Fish Can You Keep In A Fish Tank?

Many times when starting a tank, the most popular and very important question is: How many fish can I keep in my aquarium? Of course there are many problems with over-stocking... [Read more]

$80,000 Arowana Aquarium Fish

Arowana command a high price with some even being “tagged” with an ID chip to prove authenticity. I’ve seen arowana being sold for a few thousand to even to... [Read more]

Watching Fish Can Be Good For Your Health

Observing the slow, rhythmic motions are a good way to relax and wind down after a rough day, some say… In a stress-filled world, many people find watching colorful fish... [Read more]

You Think You Have An Algae Problem?

An outbreak of blue-green algae is seen on the coastline of Qingdao, the host city for sailing events at the 2008 Olympic Games, in eastern China’s Shandong province Tuesday... [Read more]

Whale Shark Caught On Film…

A momentous occasion has occurred. The BBC’s famous Natural World series breaks new ground when it shows the world’s biggest fish – having a poo. It is believed... [Read more]

Aquapict Jellyfish from Japan

Supposely a really popular item in Japan is the Aquapict Jellyfish Aquarium. It displays color-changing jellyfishes (see video above). The system includes a 5-color LED lighting... [Read more]

Cappuccino Coast: The day the Pacific was whipped up

Foam swallowed an entire beach and half the nearby buildings, including the local lifeguards’ centre, in a freak display of nature at Yamba in New South Wales. One minute... [Read more]

Putting the Bite on The Piranha Myth

i always like to find facts that change my stereotypes of certain things like how piranhas would annihilate anything you gave them (which is still somewhat true) but they’re... [Read more]

A Simple Way To Keep Your Goldfish Healthy

Goldfish can easily be purchased anywhere but that doesn’t mean they’re super easy fishes to take care of. In fact, goldfish is susceptible to many diseases and most... [Read more]

  Where was I Fishing?

click here to enlarge So a few weeks ago, I went on a fishing trip for a bachelor party. It was awesome! Half the boat got sick and we turned around but luckily it was a chartered... [Read more]

Jellyfish Crop Circle

The best crop circle I’ve seen! Usually they’re weird shapes and this time, the latest crop circle looks like a jellyfish! It’s about 660ft and it’s near... [Read more]

88lb Salmon Found in California!

At first I thought this was just another photoshop hoax but it’s true! 88 pound salmon has been caught. It is just me or the eye-area just doesn’t look real? t was... [Read more]

Rare Male Sea Dragon Pregnant

After setting the mood with lighting and finessing, the Georgia Aquarium’s attempts to coax rare sea dragons to mate have finally worked — just in time for Father’s... [Read more]

Walmart Not Selling Live Fish

Cichlid-Man pointed this out in his thread that an article a few months ago said that Walmart would no longer be selling fish at some of it’s US stores. Some bits from the... [Read more]

Unique Tank Idea about having a really unique looking tank. This is a tank designed by Octopus Studios (thanks for the link from my friend!) called the “Silverfish Aquarium”... [Read more]

Giant squid has world’s largest eyes

So with the picture of the giant squid in my earlier post, here’s an article about a giant squid that has the world’s largest eyes. They found the carcass of a rare... [Read more]

Purple Frog Found

I was just about to go snooze when I went onto Yahoo! and saw that they found even more undiscovered species! The one that caught my eye was the purple frog they found. They also... [Read more]

Zeus the 980lbs Giant Manta Ray

Zeus is a 980lbs giant manta ray that was living happily at an Atlantis resort as part of a research and release program was released to the ocean the other day. Here’s a... [Read more]

Allison The Bionic Turtle

Jeff George, the curator at the nonprofit Sea Turtle Inc. holds Allison, a three-year-old Atlantic Green sea turtle in South Padre Island, Texas. Allison lost three of her flippers... [Read more]

The Secret Home Of The World’s 2nd Biggest Fish

Pretty cool article if you haven’t seen it yet on CNN. Here are some excepts… The migration patterns of basking sharks have long mystified marine biologists, but new... [Read more]

Petsmart – Free Shipping off $25

Just got this coupon in the mail so I’ll share it here. Get Free Shipping on orders over $25. Normally it’s over $50 but if you go through the link below, it’ll... [Read more]

Rare white killer whale spotted in Alaska

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The white killer whale spotted in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands sent researchers and the ship’s crew scrambling for their cameras. The nearly... [Read more]

Export Deep Ocean Water

Honolulu firm joins rush to export deep-ocean water A new Oahu company soon will start tapping into one of Hawaii’s biggest exports — water. Deep Ocean Hawaii early... [Read more]

Kuroshio Sea – One Big Fish Tank

I love aquariums and this one I will have to visit next time I’m in Japan. It’s located in the Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa, Japan. It’s so big that they call... [Read more]

As Seen On: Freshwater Aquarium Problem Solver

I received an email from a new member today (Brenda B) about how she found MyFishTank.Net through a book she found at her LFS. A book? I didn’t know MFT was in any book.... [Read more]

Fluffy The Drug Guarding Turtle

now this is a first time i’ve seen a story like this. haha. So this alligator snapping turtle (i know of snapping turtles but alligator?) has been rescued from a life of... [Read more]

Indonesia Reef Video

my friend James sent me this video and it’s a definitely must watch for everyone. Click the video below to watch it and it’s not in that grainy YouTube type but actually... [Read more]

Rare 2 Color Lobster Caught

How cool is this!? it looks like it was half-cooked. When I saw it, I thought it was a joke but CNN ran a video about it a few days ago. Luckily, it’s being donated to a... [Read more]

Supersize Sea Monsters

When you think about sea monsters you think of the giant creatures in movies or in books. I came across these series of real-life “sea monsters” pictures that I wanted... [Read more]

Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine – $1 Digital Subscription

Save money while you save the trees! In honor of Earth Day, Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine is offering a 1-year digital-only subscription for only $1. Subscribe now and make your... [Read more]

Blue Green Algae Article

Blue-green algae and erythromycin by (Tony Clementz) Date: 7 Feb 92 Newsgroup: rec.aquaria I’ve followed the postings about blue-green “algae”... [Read more]

Aquarium Fish Tank Sink

If you are one of the lucky people to have a fish tank toilet, then you’ll need to add this to your bathroom…the fish tank sink… The Moody Aquarium Sink by Italbrass,... [Read more]

Who has MTS Syndrome?

Awhile back I wrote about MTS and I’m glad to see MTS getting the attention it deserves. 🙂 “An amazonian giant pacu was the showpiece attraction at the first National... [Read more]


Been having alot of issues with my goldfish tank with my goldfishes passing away lately. Not quite sure. They are healthy one day and the gone the next day. Most seem to have a... [Read more]

GoldFish Cart

from this site i saw… “I travel all over China, and often see interesting things. Of course, some of these things are part normal everyday life in China’s... [Read more]

Save The Coral Reefs

my friend passed this email to me and I thought I’d share it with you all. Sign the petition as it only takes literally a few seconds to do. ————————————————— Sorry... [Read more]

Is The Cyclop Shark Real?

If you haven’t heard about it already, there’s the Cyclop shark making it’s round in the news and on blogs. But just incase you didn’t hear about it, I... [Read more]

Flat-Faced Crawling Fish Discovered

April 3, 2008—After countless centuries, this odd anglerfish (right) may finally be ready for its close-up. Discovered in Indonesia in January, the species has forward-looking... [Read more]

100-million-year-old Turtle Remains Discovered in Henan

Every wonder what a 100 million old turtle would look like? Now you know. It’s quite colorful than I expected it to be. Here’s some information I got about it… Rare,... [Read more]

How To Build Your Own Mac-Aquarium

If you’re looking for a cool idea for a fish tank and you happen to be an Apple fan, then the MacAquarium is the one for you. It’s made from an iMac G3 and you’ll... [Read more]

Giant Sea Turtle

Do you think this is real?  Read More →

Goldfish Keychain

I just got an email about something that I want to share so we can somehow get the word out and get bring more attention to this… This is being sold in China and based on... [Read more]

Waikiki Aquarium Membership Special

I went to the Waikiki Aquarium the last time I was Hawaii. It’s smaller than some of the other aquariums I’ve been to but it’s got alot of stuff still that kept... [Read more]

Fishless Cycle

Introduction Before we can have a discussion of fishless cycle, we need to make sure everyone understands what we mean by the term “cycle.” The Nitrogen Cycle is the... [Read more]

The Complete Cycle Filter System

A press release from HIQ-USA about their product re-launched. Hi-Q USA, LLC has made the decision to re-launch and rebrand its “Zero Water Change” home aquarium system... [Read more]


A TINY fish tank that doubles as a music speaker has sparked outrage among animal activists and aquarists. The iPond – up to 15 times smaller than the recommended tank size... [Read more]

Ice Cube Fish Tank

no information provided about this…just pictures…so i’ll just hope for the best for the fishes!  Read More →

Rare Magnets Repel Sharks

Now this is something cool. By accidently SharkDefense found out that a special kind of rare earth magnet repels sharks. This can result in many beneficial solutions such as preventing... [Read more]

Magic Fish Spa

My friend sent me this link that I had to read twice and stare at the pictures in amazement. and then my next thought was “how cool is this!?!”. but i think only you... [Read more]

It’s A Half-Plant, Half-Animal…It’s A Sea Slug!

Some of you might have seen this already but how cool is this. It’s the first sea slug or critter ever discovered to produce chlorophyll. This particular sea slug can now... [Read more]

Floating Jellyfish Pool Light

now how cool is THIS? Forget the lights around your garden. if you have a pool, this is the way to stand out..and to show everyone how much of a fish nerd you are. This is the... [Read more]

Stingray Migration Picture

A stunning picture of stingray migration. Anyone know more about it? And I thought I’ve seen it all on Planet Earth DVD’s. If you know more information about it, please... [Read more]

Exotic creatures found in Coral Triangle

awesome news! new creatures found by scientist. amazing that they’re still able to find so many new creatures in the ocean. here are some excerpts from the article. “U.S.... [Read more]

Big shark attacks little shark

Jesse the Sand Tiger Shark Eats Another Shark. You have to see the video at CNN. Luckily the little shark is in fair condition and should survive. Source: View Video Here…  Read More →