A Simple Way To Keep Your Goldfish Healthy

Goldfish can easily be purchased anywhere but that doesn’t mean they’re super easy fishes to take care of. In fact, goldfish is susceptible to many diseases and most people forget also that they’re a cold water fish and not suitable for a tropical fish tank (if you keep guppies, platies, etc..you have a tropical tank). So when you mix goldfish with other fishes, not only are they not in their own environment but they’re more likely to get diseases that they might not get if housed in a goldfish only tank.

Being aware of changes in behavior of your goldfish and acting early will make your goldfish live longer and be more happier.

So what are the easy ways to make sure your goldfish is happy?

1. Regular Water Changes
2. Isolate Sick Fishes

What? Only 2 steps? There are always more but these two are the main ones I believe you should focus on.

Regular Water Changes
Goldfish are messy eaters and big polluters of any fish out there. That’s why making sure you don’t over fed them and doing regular water changes will ensure that they stay healthy.

Isolate Sick Fishes
Just like people, a sick fish can transfer it’s sickness to other fishes. So if you think your goldfish is sick, it’s time to isolate it from your other goldfish as soon as possible. Get another suitable fish tank or container ready and add in some existing fish tank water (you don’t want to use all new water and that’ll cost a shock to their system). Since goldfish are cold water fish, you don’t need to worry about adding in a heater. Add in a bubbler to aerate the water and then treat your goldfish till it’s healthy to join it’s friends back in the main tank. Do not add any gravel or plants in this temporary tank.

By removing the sick fish, you give it an opportunity to heal and get healthy. Your goldfish won’t have to worry about being picked on or harassed while it’s sick.

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