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Albino Cherry Barb »

The Albino Cherry Barb is a more slender fish when compared to the other Barbs. The coloration of this fish is cream to pink in color, and has pink eyes. Unlike some of the other barbs, this is a peaceful fish that is a welcome addition to any community... [Read more]

Golden Sailfin Molly »

Add peaceful grace to your home aquarium with these gorgeous Golden Sailfin Mollies. Like other members of the Poecilia genus, this fish is particularly suited for community aquariums with hard water. Known as a peaceful fish, it makes the perfect addition... [Read more]

Demasoni Cichlid »

The Demasoni Cichlid (Pseudotropheus Demansoni) is a rarer cichlid that comes from a specific rocky point called Pombo Rocks in Lake Malawi in Africa Male Demasoni Cichlid have a dark blue/black vertical stripes that have an alternating light blue/white... [Read more]

Blue Johanni Cichlid »

Blue Johanni Cichlid (Melanochromis Johanni) is originally from Lake Malawi in Africa. Blue Johanni Cichlid males have a grey/black body with blue-grey horizontal markings. Females are a dull golden color with rounded fins. Blue Johanni Cichlids require... [Read more]

Marble Veil Angel »

The Marble Veil Angel is a strain of angelfish that has a black, white, and yellow marbled pattern. The fins are long and thin with delicate-looking webbing, and will typically extend past the length of the body. It prefers a well-planted tank of at least... [Read more]

Axelrod Rasbora »

The Axelrod Rasbora is a peaceful, active, schooling fish. This fish is one of the more brilliantly colored species of the genus, especially the male. Rasbora axelrodi needs a well-established, densely-planted aquarium with plenty of free swimming space... [Read more]

Neon Tetras »

Basic Information: Neon Tetras are a very popular freshwater fish for beginners and advanced fish keepers. Their bright neon blue and red color patterns are very attractive as an individual freshwater fish but when they school together, the effect is... [Read more]

Red Ryukin Goldfish »

The Red Ryukin embodies the popular image of the fancy goldfish. Its classic red, orange, and gold coloration and flowing fins make the Red Ryukin familiar yet exotic. This pleasing quality makes the Red Ryukin a true favorite among hobbyists. The Red... [Read more]

Yellow Damselfish »

The Yellow Damselfish, also known as the Golden Damselfish, has lemon yellow coloring highlighted by upper and lower racing stripes, sometimes of neon blue. As it matures,... [Read more]

Half Black Angelfish »

The Half Black Angelfish, like its name is half black and half pearled in coloration. It requires at least a 30 gallon tank with lots of hiding places. The Half Black Angelfish... [Read more]

Bartlett’s Anthias »

The Bartlett's Anthias is also known as the Bartletts Fairy Bass. The males have a more intense coloration with a violet body and yellow running along the back through the... [Read more]

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Amazon Sword Plant »

The Amazon Sword Plant (Echinodorus Amazonicus) is a very popular plant to keep in your fish tank. They can reach up to 20 inches in height and have leaves that are pale to... [Read more]

Anacharis »

The Anacharis is a great beginner's plant for your fish tank. They're also known as the Brazilian waterweed and as you can guess, since it's a 'weed' it can grow quite fast... [Read more]

Anubias barteri »

Anubias barteri round leaf, also known as Anubius round leaf or Anubias barteri, is a hardy plant that has lush green arrow shaped foliage. This rosette plant may reach up... [Read more]


Zebra Turbo Snail

The Zebra Striped Turbo Snail is a beautiful algae removing powerhouse. Like other members of the Turbinidae family, the Zebra Striped Turbo Snail has... [Read more]

Yellow Sea Cucumber

The Yellow Sea Cucumber which originates from the Indian Ocean is very striking in appearance. They are bright yellow in coloration and have an elongated... [Read more]

White Spot Anemone Shrimp

The Glass Anemone Shrimp, also known as the White-patched Anemone Shrimp, or Pacific Clown Anemone Shrimp, was first described in 1902. While it is sometimes... [Read more]

Tuxedo Urchin

The Tuxedo Pincushion Urchin, also known as the Sphere Urchin or Globe Urchin, has five to ten broad-colored bands usually blue or black, with red, brown,... [Read more]

Turbo Snail

The Turbo Snail is extremely popular among reef hobbyists, since it quickly eliminates large amounts of nuisance algae. It is particularly fond of hair... [Read more]

Turban Snail

The Turban Snail is a powerhouse that helps keep live rock and aquarium glass free of algae. This peaceful snail boasts an interesting shell and is a smart... [Read more]

Top Crown Snail

The Top Crown Snail is a great tank cleaner for larger saltwater reef aquariums. Compared to its Caribbean counterparts, this snail hailing from the Eastern... [Read more]

Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber

The Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber is one of nature's more exotic detritus eaters. With its brown body spotted with white and dressed in numerous spiny papillae,... [Read more]