1. S

    Bogwood Black Dots

    hello, My first post here. I have had my tank for over a year now, and my bogwood for about 6 months. My bogwood today has got a lot of little black dots on it. No idea why. As well as this, over the last week the wood has started to go white at the front. i don’t seem to be able to upload...
  2. M

    Severum tank mates

    Hello all! I have been keeping fish for many many years. I am not the best with pairing the right fish together. I just upgraded from a 55gallon to a 90 gallon tank. The only fish in the tank are: a gold severum who is about 8 inches, yellow sunburnt parrot who I'd about 4 inches, and a 3 inch...
  3. Kalina

    Bacterial or fungal??

    I just realised my betta already had early stages of finrot,had dark edges on his fins & he seemed to have taken a bite out of his own tail when i got him. I assumed the dark parts was part of his coloring. He was perfectly fine yesterday(i even posted yesterday about his belly & have photo...
  4. Kalina

    Is my betta fish's stomach bloated or normal?

    Ive just bought a superdelta betta fish(named him Leonardo) and its been about a week and a half. He acts perfectly healthy, swims around, readily eats(even from my hand) and over all looks healthy. But recent readings on betta health have brought up something that concerns me. I read somewhere...
  5. Alma@fish

    I dropped my fish!

    I was moving my fish from one tank to the other, and he jumped. He landed on the ground. What do I do? I put him back in his tank.
  6. Y


    have 4 dwarf puffers and the one is very skinny and looks like it has a curved spine! The other three are completely fine and eat well. The skinny one occasionally eats but don't notice it as much as the others. Fed on bloodworm and snails. I have had them for a week or so now. Do you think it's...
  7. S

    Mystery snails+fish+heavily planted 10 gal

    2 mystery snails 10 gal heavily planted what fish/shrimp/other aquatic to add? (<TLDR^) I currently have a heavily planted low light 10 gal tank with one female black mystery snail named Betty, and a new unnamed, unsexed Ivory White mystery snail. Betty and nameless get along pretty well...
  8. J

    Any help on determining what sex my fish is???

    Hi all Could you please help and advise me what sex my fish is?? I assumed it was male however ive noticed the other fish are following it around tank and wont give it a minutes peace.
  9. LūnaMoona

    1 Gallon Tanks, African Clawed Frogs (Albinos)

    1) What could I keep in a 1gal tank with an air filter, even if Ill need to move it to a bigger tank as it grows. 2) I saw on another thread it said I could keep 1 or 2 African Clawed Frogs in a 1gal, would this be an okay size for baby ACF's or even full grown? If not, what size would you...
  10. A

    New to Cichlids

    Hey I just bought two Cichlids from my LFS. They were unhelpful in being specific about the ones I bought. Hoping you guys could help identify the type I have.
  11. Cam3234

    White "balls" on bottom of aquarium

    Hi, this is my first time posting. I was just doing a weekly water change on my 55 gal freshwater tank and noticed lots of what I though to be "trash floating in the water. After a closer look I noticed these little whitish grey balls were only on one side of the tank near one of my black...
  12. Izzy11

    Betta fish flaring at nerite snail

    I've had my beta/fighting fish, Sven, for 15 months now, and he has shared a tank with my nerite snails for about 10 of those months. He has never had a problem with them before, but now if one of the nerites is on the side of the glass he flares at it and bobs at it. The snail doesn't seem to...
  13. B

    stupid pleco died

    I very had a 13g tank for a while now with one guppy, one platy, andone molly in it. I bought a pleco from the store that was supposed to grow only four inches, which I read online is totally false and usually grow bigger. I bought algae wafers as well for him. When I took the pleco home, he...
  14. I

    Why do my 2 fantail goldfish just float in the tank????

    hi everybody! I have 1x Blackmoor and 1x Fantail in my biorb 15L, I've had the tank set up since October and the Blackmoor is original to my tank after 6-7week of tank fish less cycle! Got my fantail about 2weeks ago as I felt like my Blackmoor was lonely and always was looking for attention...