Severum tank mates

Mar 22, 2018
Hello all!
I have been keeping fish for many many years. I am not the best with pairing the right fish together. I just upgraded from a 55gallon to a 90 gallon tank. The only fish in the tank are: a gold severum who is about 8 inches, yellow sunburnt parrot who I'd about 4 inches, and a 3 inch pleco. Not sure what kind but one that stays smaller then a foot. I will upload some photos. I will also attach a photo of my 55g to show how it will be planted again. I have tons of plants and more drift wood then the tank has now.

What are good fish to go along with These guys?
I was thinking a school of like 10 giant danios?
I had bala sharks in there at one point but one went missing.. think she ate it as they were really small (Yes I know they outgrow the tank but it was more of a rent-a-fish)
I also have the tank over filtered with two hob filters.
Thank you!!