1 Gallon Tanks, African Clawed Frogs (Albinos)

Nov 13, 2016
1) What could I keep in a 1gal tank with an air filter, even if Ill need to move it to a bigger tank as it grows.
2) I saw on another thread it said I could keep 1 or 2 African Clawed Frogs in a 1gal, would this be an okay size for baby ACF's or even full grown? If not, what size would you recommend for them?
3 ) Also, I head ACF's are sensitive to water vibrations so I shouldn't have an air filter because it will be uncomfortable for them. Is this true?

Lastly, thanks in advance for answering my questions. I've owned ACF'S in the past and they lived in a 10gal. I have a 10gal but at the moment I want to start with a small tank and if I really like taking care of it then move to a 10gal. Ive already started the Nitrogen Cycle for whatever I decide to put in it and I plan on adding rocks and live plants according to whatever I end up getting. Thanks again!

Dec 1, 2013
Honestly, it's not worth the hassle to cycle a 1 gal. They're far too unstable and unmanageable. I would wholeheartedly suggest a larger tank. 5 gals are for sale all the time online. You can probably even pick one up for free. Dwarf frogs need a minimum of 5 to 10 gals anyways. 1 gal is not nearly enough space.

If you are dead-set on this 1 gal, I would suggest a colony of shrimp and lots of plants. That could make an interesting aquarium by itself.