Mystery snails+fish+heavily planted 10 gal

Feb 10, 2017
2 mystery snails 10 gal heavily planted what fish/shrimp/other aquatic to add? (<TLDR^)

I currently have a heavily planted low light 10 gal tank with one female black mystery snail named Betty, and a new unnamed, unsexed Ivory White mystery snail. Betty and nameless get along pretty well (Betty is very laid back and loves just cruising around the tank).

Next week I'll be getting a large and a medium rock formation as there's currently none in the tank (I set it up this past week). I've had Betty for almost a year, and this past month her tank mate, a blue mystery snail named Harold, passed away. She's been extremely lethargic since losing him, and since adding the ivory she's now practically running around the tank, eating, and playing with the flowing water.

I've really been wanting to add fish or shrimp to the tank, but honestly I don't know much about either of those. Any suggestions on what to add? I'm looking for something colourful, hopefully playful, and most importantly easily taken care of (since I'm not a fish expert). Originally I was thinking 5 small female betas? Or some fire red cherry shrimp? Thank you for any suggestions!!!!


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Jan 11, 2013
East Aurora, NY
I had a 10g setup with lots of mystery snails, red cherry shrimp some silver hatchets and some celestial pearl danios. You could do a sorority of female bettas, but 5 might be a bit much in a 10g, plus they'll gorge themselves on the shrimp. I know mine did when I kept a group of female bettas in my 55g. This was my 10g:

Feb 10, 2017
That looks like a nice set up!
I was worried that 5 female bettas would be a bit cramped, but I had no idea that they might eat the shrimp! I really needed that info since I was considering possibly doing 5 shrimp and 3 bettas.
The celestial pearl danios look beautiful, I might add a few of those after some research. Thank you!