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    Best ground cover

    Looking for the best ground cover. I have high lighting, basic substrate and aquarium gravel. No CO2 injections, no fertilizers or anything else. Looking for easy care and fast spreading. 10gal. Thank you in advance.
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    Mystery snails+fish+heavily planted 10 gal

    2 mystery snails 10 gal heavily planted what fish/shrimp/other aquatic to add? (<TLDR^) I currently have a heavily planted low light 10 gal tank with one female black mystery snail named Betty, and a new unnamed, unsexed Ivory White mystery snail. Betty and nameless get along pretty well...
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    LED lighting for planted tank

    I have just bought a new 55g tank kit that came with LED lights. I have had many planted tanks in the past and they all had florescent tubes so i just swapped them out with "grow lights". I have not dealt with LEDs as it has been a new thing since I had my last tank. I have the Marineland led...