Good tank mate for black moor goldfish

Apr 7, 2017
I am new to owning fish as I don't even own one yet, but I am planning to buy a 20 gallon tank. I really would like to buy a black moor for my tank and after doing some research it seems 20 gallons is okay for just one goldfish, but I was wondering what smaller fish would make good tank mates? If it is recommended that I keep a black moor without any tank mates in a tank of that size then I will, but if I could add one or two other different types of fish or invertebrate or something that would be optimal.


Side note: I know black moors need tank plants and stuff that are rounded and not sharp or pointy, so is it best to just get some silk plants and no other decorations or could I get some other decorations as long as they aren't sharp?