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    Goldfish/Freshwater sump help for beginner.

    Howdy, I'll preface with I'm definitely committed to keeping the fish alive and healthy. I'm a non-keeper that recently acquired a 40-gallon tall tank for $3.00 and am looking to get 2-3 fancy goldfish and a couple of hillstream loaches. I know goldfish can get pretty obnoxious with the...
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    Good tank mate for black moor goldfish

    I am new to owning fish as I don't even own one yet, but I am planning to buy a 20 gallon tank. I really would like to buy a black moor for my tank and after doing some research it seems 20 gallons is okay for just one goldfish, but I was wondering what smaller fish would make good tank mates...
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    New to Cichlids

    Hey I just bought two Cichlids from my LFS. They were unhelpful in being specific about the ones I bought. Hoping you guys could help identify the type I have.
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    Help my neon tetra that had ick has now died

    My aquarium is falling apart. I am a beginner at keeping an aquarium. I started off with two goldfish that I won at the fair, which turned into one goldfish because the other died because the tank was too small. Last month the goldfish started getting aggressive because the tank was too small...