1. A

    I need help with my goldfish

    Hi there, so my two year old goldfish is looking ill, she will pickup flake and spit it out again after about 3 seconds, I'm really worried, when I walked to the tank she seemed pretty hungry. This is the THIRD DAY, I don't know what to do, please help me..:(
  2. Alma@fish

    I dropped my fish!

    I was moving my fish from one tank to the other, and he jumped. He landed on the ground. What do I do? I put him back in his tank.
  3. Alma@fish

    My new Comet Goldfish is Darting and then sitting on bottom

    He is by himself for now because I just got him. He is darting around frantically and then staying on the bottom of the tank. Is he just nervous, or is he sick? I don't know! Please help!
  4. L

    Goldfish/Freshwater sump help for beginner.

    Howdy, I'll preface with I'm definitely committed to keeping the fish alive and healthy. I'm a non-keeper that recently acquired a 40-gallon tall tank for $3.00 and am looking to get 2-3 fancy goldfish and a couple of hillstream loaches. I know goldfish can get pretty obnoxious with the...
  5. T

    Good tank mate for black moor goldfish

    I am new to owning fish as I don't even own one yet, but I am planning to buy a 20 gallon tank. I really would like to buy a black moor for my tank and after doing some research it seems 20 gallons is okay for just one goldfish, but I was wondering what smaller fish would make good tank mates...
  6. mirakami

    Goldfish fuzz

    Hello. I'm new to the forum and to aquariums. A little background info on my tank. It's a 40 gal that's about 4 wks into the cycling process. Unfortunately I didn't cycle before I got my fish so they've been in there since week 1 of having them. According to the pet store it was fine since its...
  7. M

    Just to be sure ...

    I have a 10 gallon tank for 1 telescope butterfly. I knoww its a small tank for my goldfish but I keep track of the quality of the water by testing now and then + 50-70% water changes every 3 days and have a 150gph filter running. She's still fairly small but yes I do plan on upgrading her home...
  8. A

    Pink long goldfish poop

    Hey, I have keep goldfish in a tank for nearly 3 years now and they gave always seemed happy and healthy. I got home yesterday and 2 of them had what looked like long pink poos hanging down between 4 and 10cms long. I fed them some squashed cooked peas as I saw it may have been due to lack of...