Aug 3, 2016
I have a 10 gallon tank for 1 telescope butterfly. I knoww its a small tank for my goldfish but I keep track of the quality of the water by testing now and then + 50-70% water changes every 3 days and have a 150gph filter running. She's still fairly small but yes I do plan on upgrading her home. But my question was if goldfish depression exists? She's sleeping most of the time( no she doesn't sleep/stay at bottom of the tank) she's just floating about by herself. She only gets active when I feed her.. I wonder if she's lonely? If goldfish depression does exist tho I'd have to get a bigger tank sooner so I can buy another goldfish as her buddy.. Im just worried haha but seriously she's just sleeping way too much for a goldfish.. Even with the lights on? Is that normal ? Lol


The Big Fish
The Big Fish
Oct 22, 2002
Sunny Southern California
welcome to MFT!

50-70% water changes is quite a lot for such a small tank. but hey...another reason to get a bigger tank.

i've kept goldfish a few times and i've always kept more than one at least....i just think they're happier and maybe feel safer to have other goldfishes around (but hey..another reason to get a bigger tank!) :)

for your next tank..get as big as possible. goldfish are messy eater and tank polluters.

Jul 4, 2016
What size tank are you getting? If it's a it's a fancy they need a 29g and 10-20g more For each new addition. Kind of. Since she's in such a small tank she could easily be unhappy living in such a small tank. I think the amount of waterchanges your doing is ok, just make sure the temp is close and you add dechlorinator.