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  1. FreshyFresh

    FreshyFresh? I need your help

    Sorry I missed this thread way back ~18 months ago! This site had been so dead I pretty much gave up on it. What foods are you feeding? Gotta watch the ingredients list on your foods and only choose those that list whole protein or plant products in the first 3-4 ingredients. Feed...
  2. FreshyFresh


    It's possible. Anything that can fit in the mouths is fair game. The problem with keeping ADFs with fish is, it's tough to feed one or the other. The faster critter is going to get all the food.
  3. FreshyFresh

    Nitrates through the roof!

    The only times I've heard of this happening is if there was a dead fish trapped somewhere out of sight, the substrate had loads of junk buried in it, or a very clogged and dirty filter would pump a bunch of nitrates into the water once it's fired back up after the WC. Thing is, you've addressed...
  4. FreshyFresh

    Nitrates through the roof!

    Are you showing nitrates right out of the tap? What test kit are you using? It's super common for folks to not perform the nitrate test correctly with the API master test kit. Gotta shake the crap out of bottle #2 before you use it, then shake the heck out of the completed test tube for...
  5. FreshyFresh

    My betta just died and now my pleco is sick.

    What was your water change schedule and amount changed up to the point of the deaths/problems? You probably know this if you've been doing some reading, but aquariums require regular (usually weekly) water changes to keep nitrates in check. You should have a liquid test kit on hand like the...
  6. FreshyFresh

    Im kind of concerned....

    That's a lot of fish in a brand-new setup. Did you cycle the tank before hand or are using established/seeded filtration media? I'd re-home the pleco. A common pleco will get a foot long or bigger and needs wood to rasp on.
  7. FreshyFresh

    rescued shubunkin gold fish

    Good for you to give this fish a better home! Ideally, goldfish should live in ponds, but as you know, they can be kept in tanks. I keep goldfish in one of my tanks as well. It's a 55g with one comet, one fancy, one shubunkin and one sarasa comet. Main thing is to keep up on water...
  8. FreshyFresh

    Guppy questions

    Welcome. They certainly will breed provided the right male/female ratio is there. Typically a male will pester a female unless there's several females per one male. More importantly than that, did you establish a nitrogen cycle in this tank to process the fish's ammonia output?
  9. FreshyFresh

    Hello, Hi, Hey.

    Oh to be 25 again.. Pretty sure my wore out chassis wouldn't take it. LOL.
  10. FreshyFresh

    My Fish is sick!

    I would recommend the commonly available API master test kit. Chain pet places typically sell them for around $30. That does seem like a lot, but it will last you for years. Everyone in the hobby should have some type of liquid test kit to measure for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. pH, KH...
  11. FreshyFresh

    My Fish is sick!

    Do you have a reading in PPM for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate? Pretty much a requirement for initial troubleshooting. Could be water quality related, or could be a disease or parasite introduced from a newly added fish (which is ALWAYS a danger with new additions). Good for you with the...
  12. FreshyFresh

    Apistogramma Question

    You may know this already, but read up on Otos. I've never kept them, but they do best in mature tanks with lots of bio films for them to munch on. They're usually very malnourished from the store and will continue to be until you tend to their specific feeding needs by sinking softer veggies...
  13. FreshyFresh

    My albino cory has fish has little red spots

    What are your numbers in PPM for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate?
  14. FreshyFresh

    Apistogramma Question

    You could try it, but the gourami may or may not be an issue. Some can be real jerks. Others not so much. I prefer pearl gouramis since they tend to be mild mannered. I'd re-home the chinese algae eater because they can get a foot long and just be an all around issue in general in a smaller...
  15. FreshyFresh

    I have a question

    What else is in this 135g tank with the goldfish? Could it be damage from bumping into objects? Also, I'm not sure what normal is with water parameters. We need a number in PPM for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels. Hopefully you're doing regular water changes to keep nitrates not to...
  16. FreshyFresh

    question before I do "fishless tank cycle"

    The reason for doing a water change once a nitrogen cycle is established is to reduce the nitrate level. Ammonia is pretty much instantly converted to nitrite, then nitrate with a proper cycle in the tank. Ammonia and nitrite are very toxic to fish, where nitrate only is at high levels over a...
  17. FreshyFresh

    What fish are easy to keep as a beginner?

    Zebra danios would be my pick. They are pretty little buggers when kept in a healthy tank. I've got some that are 4-5yrs/old and they can live much longer than that.
  18. FreshyFresh

    I watched my fish die...

    Unlikely that the ich parasite itself killed the mollie. It was probably suffering from other issues and a weakened immune system. The plastic cup shouldn't be a problem. Most aquarium stuff is made from the same plastic. Read up on mollies if you want to keep them in the future. They...
  19. FreshyFresh

    Are betta fish the strongest fish?

    In some respects I suppose you could consider them a tough/resilient fish given what their natural habitat is, basically stagnant puddles. They are labyrinth fish, so they can breathe air. As long as they stay reasonably wet, they will survive.
  20. FreshyFresh

    Noobie want some advice

    ^ Sounds like a plan. A 29g tank is also the 30"x12" footprint. The 3 tanks with that same footprint are the 20L, 29g and 37g. They all just have different heights. If you have access to Petco and PetSuppliesPlus, keep an eye out for their $1/gal sales they have several times per year.