white flowing stuff

Jan 21, 2011
Hey there, im going call myself an experienced newb... Ive had my tanks for about 2 years... 1 10gal & 1 5gal
I'm having a terrible time with my 10 gallon Freshwater tank.
ive got a few guppies, a few tetra's (neon & red clouds) and about 7 guppy fry
I had an algae eater, but for some reason it died about 24 hours after putting it in my tank. and its not the first one. I've also put some ghost shrimp in the tank and they too have expired rather quickly. which leads me to my question....
what the hell is growing in my tank? Its white & flowing... its on ornaments, gravel. Ive changed water, filters, gravel... I clean it out & it comes back again. if i let it go too long it gets the gravel all clumpy.
I thought I might have been over feeding... but that is not the case.

this stuff is nasty and i dont know what to do about it anymore.

please help :confused: & :mad:

I'm attaching a video... its kind of dark, but i think you can see what im talking about.


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Aug 13, 2010
Sicklerville, NJ
Can't see anything in the Vid, as you said it is pretty dark. Can you provide some information: What is the Ammonia, NitIte and NitrAte level? What filter is on the tank and what is your maintenance schedule (water change, filter cleaning etc) What is the exact stocking in that tank? Maybe a better pic of your tank too. Did you just get "Algae Eater" and it died? Also do you know what type (Common pleco, SAE, CAE or something) it was?

Sorry about your loss and troubles, but this information will help us, help you and the fish!


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Nov 30, 2010
Wisconsin, USA
Yeah, video is really hard to see anything. I think I can sorta make out some white stuff, but no way to identify with that vid. If you could get a brighter video or even pictures it would help. Either way I would assume it's some type of algae... Unless it's more of a worm? Hard to say without better video/pic