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  • That's good the moss got there. I was worried about how it would do with how cold it's been around here. Let me know how it grows. You don't have to worry about sending me anything back though, it cost me like 50 cents to mail you something I was going to toss anyways. Maybe we can trade some plants in the future though.
    Dear Mike, today I was setting up my new 36 gallon tank and was at a lose of what I could put from my old tanks in to help the cycle in the new tank, when I opened my 5 gallon power filter and was pleasently surprised to find a bunch of filter media that I had stuffed in there and forgotten about!! Thanks again for all the help! Jenn
    Hey, i was reading in the fourms and you said you had an aqua clear filter. I was just wondering how well the tank on it fills with bacteria and how well it mechanically filters.

    Does it suck up very much food or anything?

    If you could send me a couple pictures i would greatly appreciate it.
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