RIP Christopher


Large Fish
Feb 1, 2010
British Columbia, Canada
Hello All,

I'm sad to report that my German Blue Ram, Christopher, died last week.

I suspect that I'm the cause of his death as I missed two water changes (I usually do a 50% water change each week). I was so stressed and busy with finals (I'm in university) that I keep forgetting to do a water change. I know that's not an excuse but neglectful fish keeping! I noticed, the day before he died, that his colors had darken so I immediately did a 50% water change and added Melafix. Unfortunately that wasn't enough to save Christopher.

My other theory is that Christopher died from old age but it's unlikely. When I purchased Christopher he was fully grown and the owner of my LFS said he (and several others) had been there for forever.

Anyways RIP Christopher!!!