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*sigh* I gave up. I can't set up my stuff again. :( It's too much work and I might be moving soon anyway and I can't take it all with me. I've got a complete 6.6g setup (perfect for a betta, comes with food) and an almost complete 55g planted tank setup (used for about a year, plant equipment is only about 5 months old) plus some miscellaneous items. If anyone is in the Phoenix, AZ area and is interested, let me know.

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Jul 19, 2004
Cape Cod
:( Sorry that you are getting out.

Might be worth keeping the 6.6g? Should be easy enough to move, with or without fish. There is always somewhere to set up a 6g.

I actually did set up the 6.6g again... for about 2 days. That's what a minor case of depression does to you. :|

Then I realized I couldn't keep it running anyway. It's likely I'll be moving this year, probably internationally, so what's the point? Now that I'm out of college and can actually GO OUT and DO THINGS, why keep myself at home doing water changes?

As sad as I am about giving it up, I think I need to leave it be until I settle somewhere permanently. Then I'll get a 180g planted tank and make you guys jealous. :p


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Sep 22, 2009
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ok that's a much better plan haha. i thought you were moving to another state or something.
I had a similar thing that i did when i setup a 2 gallon saltwater vase thing for a few weeks but then had to take it down because i didn't really have the space for it or the funds to keep it going. While it wasn't out of depression, I did miss my 3 gallon reef tank (that i used to have) very much. I had that 3 gal for 2.5 years and just wanted to experience SW again.

I am sure with what you have learned so far that you can set up an amazing 180gallon planted tank to make us jealous haha *thumbsup2

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