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  • Hey newman~
    Long time no see.
    Recently started back up with my tank keeping (since im fully out of school now).. hows it been going?
    I was also wondering if you still had that url to the other fish forum we were on along with bassbonediva, darklies, and a couple of others~
    Hey thanks for the message, you were my first reply, i change the water about every month and change the filter every 3-4 weeks, I didn't have enough time to put enough detail into my post because I do this at work :eek: I have never thought about opening up the filters and replacing the carbon, thats a reeaally good idea, i will have to give that a try. We found that all the plecos were dying because we kept the tank too clean, we cleaned the glass off maybe 1-2 times a week and scrubbed all the accessories monthly and cleaning the gravel thinking the cleaner the better and the plecos didn't have enough to eat so they died the day after their warranties expired :mad:. Our pleco in our tank now is getting big and he's just as active as our catfish eating all the algae he can get to. We love watching him eat cuz he's this jet black eating machine.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to get a pleco that loves to hide in caves and crevices out and active during the day?
    do you remember who it was that wanted to stock a 125 with african chilids the mod's deleated my reply i would like to send him a pm or do the monoter that to
    there was a post about or containing green jewell which ma be rare to USA i ask for more info and was ignored
    no conflict we were both out of line im a therapist in a max. secur. prison. i guess my last mess. was to long as well i slamed the site and told you the way it use to be... guess they didn't like it.. i paid $1,000.00 for 2 breeding koi's. i would post a formal appol. but to tell u the truth i realy dont think any one realy cares..if they do they need to get a life. i think what i was trying to say was 10 posts 7 days a week is a little compulsive but it seems folks realy like you...
    Hey, I just got a request from someone asking if I wanted to join "Aquatic Passion" and dropped your name. Do you know if this a legit site or is it spam?

    The user is named SdJaCK&SaLLy.
    Just wanted to say thanks for all the info and suggestions you give not just me but everyone
    hey you should sign up for this new site thats in my sig a guy asked me to join and possibly be a mod but i told him i dnt have enough time nor enough knowledge to be one but i suggested you and orangecones cuz you 2 have tons of knowledge
    I'm not amaizing bro lol
    I just try to help out, and give the most accurate info i've learned so far, but as you can see (by other's corrections) i still have trouble with accuracy lol. happy to help though. just be sure to not always rely on what i have said. see what others have to say about issues, and go with whats more accurate.
    hey your an amazing fish keeper you have really gave me some great answers thankyou soo mcuh :)
    hi i just wanted to let u know I just posted my readings from my tank up and wanted to see if you could look at them and tell me what u think please?
    Thanx for the response to my thread. I know a lot of ppl say breeder nets/breeder tanks aren't necessarily recommended for trying to keep your fry alive. A lot of ppl suggested just leave the fry in the community tank and let survival of the fittest take its course. However, that is what i did with the first batch from each of the two platies and out of 18-20 fry, i only have 2 or 3 now. I would like some of them to survive because this is the coolest thing i have ever experienced!! However, i would only want to keep the females out of the fry because i don't need this process to keep happening due to the fact i only have a 15 gallon tank. Well, get back to me when you have the chance. Thank you a bunch!
    I replied to all of your recent threads. hope i helped with the little info i know :)
    lol ya i think im going to petco this week ill by some brine shrimp and maybe
    blood worms cause i think i may have been over estimating the fishes appetite
    cause i have way to many excess flakes im going to sihphin the gravel clean
    tommorow i dont want to much amonia for the fry one of the guppies looks
    like its about to explode
    Guppies, danios, and especially swords/platy will eat frozen bloodworms, black tubifex worms (both can be frozen or live), LIVE brine shrimp, and the fry will love live or frozen baby brine shrimp. Pleco can be tougher, depending on what species you have. A common pleco probably wont eat all those meantioned above. just feed it vegetables like sweet pepper, frozen peas (if you want to know more about how to do this ask me specifically), romaine lettuce, and broccoli. Pretty important to remove any excess vegetable food fast, as it dissolves overnight. Hello ammonia! lol
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