Does anybody keep and breed L260 plecos?


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Sep 22, 2009
Northern NJ
try another bristlenose, but the opposite sex of the one you have. you can try a long fin variety or super reds (I dont exactly remember which one you have but i though i read it was a green dragon). that way you can have two interesting looking plecos that may breed, so you never run out of plecos haha.

but if you don't want a BN, you could try something a bit more rare like L204 Flash Pleco. they are wood eaters so provide lots of soft wood plus the regular stuff that BN plecs eat - vegetables.

It may be tough to find a flash pleco but keep looking online. check aquabid from time to time. you'll find one eventually.
EDIT: just checked aquabid and there is one seller of L204 but he is selling wild caught fish. idk if that is something you're interested in though. personally i prefer tank bred fish over wild caught. but it is all just preference in the hobby.

Clown plecos are another choice. there is also L183-the starry night bristlenose but watch out it will hybridize with any Acistrus plecos, i believe.

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