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  • Where did you get your Zebra(s) I want some bad, I do not have a breeder wholesaler who can seem to find me some.

    Second get that aratus out of your tank!!!! I do Cichlids and love them because they are aggressive, but that aratus is going to turn serial killer if he hasnt already. I have some in my 70H and they will take on a Male Kenyi that is over twice their size!

    Or get a cichlid tank! (that would be even better) :)

    I collect Plecos too!

    1 6" gold nugged lo18
    1 8"+ yellow tail royal
    2 6"+ bushy Nose
    3 4" Veils
    1 5" Leapord :)
    2 14-18" Galaxys breeding pair, wish me babies soon!

    I would love to set up a tank for some Zebras, it would be awesome
    Would you mind telling me what type of fish is in your profile picture. They are really beautiful and I'm sorry you lost them.
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