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  • Hey Marcy!! How are you?? I'm sorry that I just now ran into my oto thread and realized that I forgot to post. Just look at my signature and you'll find out how my tanks are doing. ;) I hope that everything has been well with you. PM me when you get a chance, ok?? I'd like to catch up with you.

    I have been seeing quite a few of your responses... I noticed your "signiture" states you have a 55 gallong with all sorts of fish. By any chance do you have picture of your tank I have a 56 gallon tank I am looking to set up. I do have 1 fish that is coming from a friend he is a gold severum about 5-6 inches. Any suggestions? Types of fish mates,sizes,how many?? Anything will help thanks~!!
    Yes I have (I like to buy the slate from home depot that comes on the mesh, you have to chisel the glue stuff off but 4.00 buys 12 pieces of thick slate)

    Keep it warm & clean and they will do the work, once they lay the eggs start watching, I move the babies once they start to free swim.

    I like a 3-5g bare bottom tank for fry, you need to keep water pristine and feed high quality food to grow em out fast. I generally paint the bottom and back of the tank with black paint (or paint the bottom in sand texture spray paint) and yeah its pretty easy.

    Fry like plants, live plants in pots tend to help keep things moving along.
    Have you ever breed Angel's? I am trying. I just got my super special slate in the mail today from Angels Plus! (they were only $2.75 each and came with free food!)
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