100 Million iPods Sold

Apple just announced that they sold 100 million iPods around the world. The iPod was introduced to everyone back in 2001 and after 7 years they’ve crossed the 100 millions iPods sold.


There has been 10 different versions of the iPod. I currently own the first generation of the iPOD mini. My other friends I think own one of each even though I don’t know what they do with all of them. Maybe I can get one from them? haha. But for those who are keeping track there has been 5 versions of the iPod, 2 versions of the iPod Mini, 2 versions of the iPod nano and 2 versions of the iPod Shuffle.

I personally suck at creating playlists on the iPod so I use my mini as a shuffle. I might as well get a shuffle to make it easier to carry at the gym.

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