What is wrong with my goldfish?

Aug 6, 2015
Over the past week or so my goldfish seems to of got really fat and its scales look rough and puffed up as well as its eyes seem to be popping out. Photos attached.

Thank you!



Elite Fish
Jul 19, 2004
Cape Cod
Sounds like dropsy. Which is really just a symptom, rather than the root cause. Once they have dropsy going on (bloated, scales stick up, eyes bulge), it tends to be too late to fix and it is an internal issue.

See how red the goldfish's gills are? I'd guess ammonia issues affecting the gills. Probably affecting the entire fish's systems, and hence the dropsy as well. Goldfish are hardy in that the ammonia has to be a little higher to poison them than a lot of other fish, but it is still detrimental and over a period of time or at a higher level fatal :(