The Nano Reef: a Step by Step Guide

Thanks so much for such an organised and informative guide!

I'm starting a 29g nano and am unsure of which powerheads to choose. I intend to run a filter (sans cartridge), should I run 2 240gph powerheads as well? Is that too much? Should I use a lower gph?

Feb 27, 2012
Hi, I have really enjoy reading your post.
I'm trying to get started in a 30 gallons tank.
question, How important or how not important is to have a power filter(to run with carbon) assuming I will try to get a hold of about 25-30 pounds if Fiji live rock?
Also, is it possible to have corals in this type of tank without protein skimmer? I beleive you commented on this matter and the answer is, Yes, but I assume has to be a limited quantity, can you comment on this? How many? how Big? Species?