*rides in on a wagon pulled by Pictus Cats*

Oct 22, 2002

Wot's up? Not much here. This is ye oldo lamer introductory post. Well, I've posted a bunch of messages here already, but I just decided I like it here. So anyway...

My name's Bree. I have a billion fish tanks, only 4 of which are set up now (apartment life ...). I haven't tried my hand at saltwater (yet), but I'm pretty good at keeping fish and plants alive now, after like 7 years having fish freshwater fish.

Umm about me? I'm a graphic artist living in Minneapolis, MN with my GF who is an art student. Art art art. A common job for me (or cash cow ...) is web design and development. However, I specialize in Flash/Director animation and actionscripting. Woopda.

What else? I like pets. Fish, cats, dogs and other furry things. I fly airplanes sometimes. I dislike my employer. I do not care much for seafood either.

For information about what aquariums I have and stuff, feel free to check out this website. As always, it's a work in progress. I just tossed most of that up there, so some stuff is kinda rough. Lemme know what you think.



Superstar Fish
Oct 22, 2002
Welcome BDB.. yes, I've seen you on here before  ;)

You fly planes?  like actually drive them or just ride on them ?
I was in air cadets for a time, way back when, and flew planes (gliders, little cessnas etc.)