R.I.P. Vern


Medium Fish
May 15, 2010
Montreal, quebec, canada
Well, i mysteriously lost my crown tail Betta tonight. He was a beautiful fish, and tough as nails. He's been around since i had my car accident last September where i had permanent damage done to my back. He was the only one who was around the whole time. His name was derived from my injuries. Since i had damaged vertebrae, figured hey, why not Vern?

He survived a a couple different kinds of small Betta tanks, then eventually i gave a new home in my 32gal. He was king, threatened by none, and had nerves of steal, but never attacked anyone, just flared and showed his "attitude" now and then. Hey one night ot attacked by some gouramis.... and lost a good amount of tail fin, but he recovered.... i had put him my 20 gal isolation tank, and treated him. He recovered, and looked great. Then tonigh, i walk down to show my aunt my tanks, and .... hes stiff as a board, cloudy eyed, upside down, and dead.... :( i kinda hoped he was just sleeping, but after a few taps, and pokes.... still he layed still.

The first fish that i felt actually sad about disposing. The others sucked cause its a lost investment, but he was different...
R.i.p. Vern.