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My new Spotted Puffer won't eat and doesn't even looks slightly interested in any kind of food. :(

I saw him at Walmart and I felt like I HAD to rescue him but its been a few days and still no interest in food. He just swims up and down the side of the tank, but today he looks like he doesn't have much energy. Swimming a bit and sitting on the bottom of the tank.

I tried feeding him blood worms and snails, which my other puffers loved, but he'll swim right by them without a second glance.

Apr 1, 2006
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your water parameters ok?

it's likely he is ill and may not recover.. expect the worst, that way you'll be ready for any outcome,

Have you tried stress zyme? are there any external symptoms?

I'm not amazing with puffers, i'd research what they're likely to eat though, that way yo know the full range of foods, try and get something that they are likely to eat in the wild aswell...


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Feb 1, 2010
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Internal parasites may also be effecting your puffers health and eating habits. They are very common in puffers. Does your puffer have a sunken in stomach?
What is the color of your puffer's stomach? Dark or light? I'm guessing that salinity is the main problem with your puffer.

Here are two links about Spotted Puffers aka Green Spotted Puffer