New fry! what to do?

Jun 21, 2003
Oklahoma City, OK"
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I posted a similar post in the beginner threads before realizing that there was a forum for cichlids. I have a pair of brichardi "daffodil's" in a 29 gal. along with 3 Trets and a leleupi. Now before you all go and yell at me I know that this tank is way overstocked for cichlids and have a plan to relocate all the trets and the leleupi. When I bought them they were smaller and I was new to the hobby, not realizing the territorial insticts of cichlids. Back to the subject though, I now have fry, about 5 swimming around in my tank and my trets and leleupi are all staying on one side of my tank. What should I do? Secondly, shouldn't there be more fry? Any input is greatly appreciated.