New 60 Stocking Help and Ideas

Dec 23, 2016
Hey guys,

My 60 has been running for a few months now but not with to many inhabitants. It is planted with water wisteria, a couple amazon swords, anubias, and a few java ferns. The only residents as of right now are a group of 5 albino corydora (I know they do better in 6+ but my LFS only had those 5 and haven't gotten anymore in stock since then and I have read that different strains don't always mix and I didn't want to chance it as they generally seems happy as clams), a mystery snail, and 1 nerite snail.

I need help trying to stock this bad boy. I really like schooling fish like cardinal tetras, rummy-nose, and harlequin rasboras, but I was hoping I could find something a little bit more interesting than those guys to kind of spice things up a but. For clarification I don't plan on buying all those schoolers just kinda of had them on my list as options. I was thinking about dwarf rainbows, maybe some sort of gourami, or even a livebearer like guppies would be fun. I just wanted to poke my head into some of these forums and see what people had to say about some different kinda of fish.

Thank you!


Superstar Fish
Jan 11, 2013
East Aurora, NY
Welcome and it sounds like a nice setup! I've never known different types of corys to not appreciate each other's company. I've got a mix of julli and panda corys in one of my tanks 7-8 all together. They all hang together. You've got a lot of nice options. In my community 55g, I've got 2 adult angels, 2 Siamese algae eaters, a little keyhole cichlid and 3 zebra danios. The angels and SAEs are large.

I do enjoy large groups of schooling fish, but tend to go with more interactive fish that come flying right over to see you.