nasouk's mixed reef


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Jan 24, 2013
this is my tank it is 389 ltrs and is bout 2 years old most of the live rock came from my old tank there is bout 35-40 kg of live in the tank
tank spec
121L x 62H x 51W cm
lighting 4x 54w t5's 2 marine white and 2 marine blue
deltec mec 600 skimmer
Eheim ECCO Pro 2 external filter running just rowaphos and carbon and bio pearls
2x korilias4
1x korilia 5
1x korilia 1
corals r mushrooms star polyps leathers zoas ricordea torch coral frogsprawn coral acans galaxia coral Blastomussa Merletti blasto wellis elegance coral feather dusters and more

inverts r hermits carbs red legged and green legged turbo snails 2 cleaner shrimps sand sifting starfish 3xpom pom crab 1 starfish sexy shrimp boxer shrimp

fish r 2 clowns 1 peacock wrasse 1 naso tang 1 orange shoulder tang 1 sailfin tang 1 eibli angelfish 1 midas blenny 1 copperbanded butterfly 1 orchid dottyback 1 blue damsel

dosing Salifert Coral Grower and amino acids weekly some pics if u need any more info on the tank please ask and thanks for looking



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Jul 19, 2004
Cape Cod
Tank and corals look really nice.

Does your angel pick at any of the corals? Most of the first corals you listed are ones I would like to attempt, and I'm going to have a dwarf angel (because they are just awesome).


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Jan 24, 2013
Thanks guys. It did have ago at my zoas when I first had it and I can't have open brain corals has it ate 2 that I had but other than that it doesn't bother anything now.