My Turn


New Fish
Oct 22, 2002
Just saying "Howdy" New to

I don't consider myself a newbie, but I always have something to learn about my fish.

I've had my current tank for about a year, I have a 10 Gallon tank. 50W Heater, AquaClear 150 (2 Sponges, Pop in a carbon every once in a while) air pump with a bubble wall on the side (My blue male guppy loves to play in the bubbles)

The tanks residents are:
4 Male Guppies (1 red tail, 1 blue tail, 1 orange tail, and 1 yellow tail)
3 Female Guppies (1 blue tail, 1 red tail, and the weird one, she's all yellow, body and tail, never saw anything like her, so had to have her)
2 Cory Cats (1 bronze, 1 albino)
2 Glass fish (NOT the tortured painted ones)
and 4 ghost shrimp.

This tank, in my opinion is at capicity, no plans to add more to it, plan to start another tank sometime soon for some more aggressive breeds.

They eat nutrafin flakes on a daily basis, and as a treat weekly, they get some frozen brine shrimp

Thats it for now.