My Midas Clan

Herman, F1 Piebald male A. citrinellus.

F1 Orange A. citrinellus female, currently brooding a spawn with Herman.

F1 A. hogaboomorus "Rio Chuloteca". I have two left, hoping for a male and female.

F1 A. sp. "Red Isletas" Pair: Male


F1 Orange citrinellus males from the pond.

Hamilton, F1 Barred male A. citrinellus. Chillin out in the pond this summer.

Some day I'll have enough room for each and every species in each and every color morph. For now I'm overdoing it as it is. lol

Aug 19, 2017
Nice fish. But the midas clan has nothing on my (RED PHOENIX KING CICHLID) that will beccomming soon the cichlid I will have will be extremely extremely extremely extremely aggressive/territorial/quarrelsome/ and predatory. That's not only the scariest part. He grow huge and body length of 32 inches.BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID.
You're a troll aren't you?