Its just me



This is one great site. Thanks Arcab.

My name is Ron Reisdorf. I live near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Im 24 years old, married since July 25, 1998 to a wonderful girl, Anita, who is 22 years old. I went to collage for 2 years and have a diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology. I am currently working for a medium sized company, Magna IV Engineering, and I design underground power systems, street lights and coordination between shallow utililes (Phone, Cable, Gas) for new developments/subdivisions. I have been working for 4 years. My wife is a Teachers Assistant at a daycare working with developmentaly children behind the norm.

I started with fish in August 2000 with a 2G bowl and a betta. I quickly upgraded to a 30G with neons, barbs and rams. In february, I finally finished my 90G that currently has 6 Red Turquiose discus and rams. I just recently started with real live plants. Im loving it. My wife complains about the money. All is well. She knows Im addicated.  ;D