How many angelfish can i put into a 30 gallon tank?


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Jan 8, 2012
I currently have 14 angel fish in my 30 gallon tank. They all seem to be getting along so far. I got them as babies and seem to not have noticed them bullying each other at all??? I have about 6 that are big (roughly 3 inches from tip to tip).
I also have two algae fish...

any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


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Jan 12, 2011
Ok, I don't own angels (can't acquire a big enough tank at the rate I'm going [the 55g was a fluke]), but I know some things about them. 14 is way too much. In a 30 gallon you can have about 3-4, IMO. Also, what types of algae eaters do you have?? If you don't know then please post some pics for us. You will definitely get a pair of breeders if you can keep them until they get that big, but I would suggest giving a few away. Right now, you can have 8 as a limit. You'll still have to give some away though. From what I've read, angels get about 6-8" on average and they grow very quickly. From a quarter sized angel, they get about fist sized in about a year or less. When they pair of (it's most likely going to happen for you) you will need to separate them from the rest of the fish, as they will become very aggressive. They also readily lay eggs every month or two, and although they care for their young, they need to be separated from their parents right before the next batch comes, or else the older fry will pick on the newborns. Hope this helps!! =)


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Oct 20, 2006
Wellsville, KS
Angelfish, when younger, need to be fed large amounts of protein, with a lot of water chages to reach their full potential. that tank is not big enough to sustain that amount of angels, i would put MAYBE one angel in there, if he is bullied from a group. their enjoy the company of others though. and feel safer. I would look into taking them to the lfs or rehpoming them and getting a gourami and tetras instead.

and what kind of plecos are they? the commons can reach up to 2 feet and after about 6 in are too big for that tank. i would recomend looking into a smaller kind, like a rubberlip, clown, or bristlenose pleco are all popular and easy to find :)

good luck, and feel free to ask more questions