Hi there!


New Fish
Aug 7, 2013
Hello everybody. I am somewhat new to the forum in that I stalk this and another frequently since I started. My fiancé convinced me to let him set up one of his tanks after he moved in with me.
I grew up on the ocean so I always felt terrible at the thought of having aquatic life trapped in small tanks but I guess I got over that. :D

Anyway, I decided that since I agreed to take on more babies aside from my fur-babies that I need to know everything there is to know about them and how to care for them. I thought he had the answers and know-how for all of this and was just not answering some questions because he liked having something that he knew more than me about :eek: but...it turns out he just isn't the expert I thought he was ahhh!!!

SO I might as well introduce myself on here because googling every question or constant worry I have and getting different answers is just not working. Yes, I am a worrier. I name all my fish, I'm not afraid to say I have favorites, and one of my favorites (Dexter) is in a quarantine tank right now due to having his beautiful blood red tail shredded by fellow guppies. I'm not sure what started the aggression since they've always been together but it died down to being primarily one bully and one victim.

Other than that though, I'm quite enjoying my clown loaches now that I've given them softer lighting and some similarly marked (tiger barbs) buddies to hang out with, they're doing great. I named them Sticky and Icky after they survived the bout of Ich they brought home from Petsmart. I'm so proud to have gotten them through that!! I really psyched myself out when I started reading more and more about them and finding out how sensitive they are but a few doses of salt did the trick :)