help why do i have babie fish

Jul 24, 2014
plz help i have had my tank up an running for over a yr an 6-8 weeks ago we noticed 3 baby fish now that they have grown we can tell they are platies but we only have the 1 platy an have done for a yr or so so my question is can fish interbreed an if so what fish would it of been with i have 1 fighting fish 2 blue dwaf gourmi 3 minnows 6 tetra 1 plec and 1 catfish and now with the babies being bigger we now have 4 platies which i am pleased about but would just love some insight on where they have come from if anyone could shed some light that would be great thanks x


Elite Fish
Jul 19, 2004
Cape Cod
Are you sure it has been that long that you have had the lone platy? No friends with her for that time either? Livebearers can store sperm for future use, so she could have had it with her all along - I think they can store it for 5-6 mos, not sure on the exact time frame though. It would not be able to breed with any of the other fish listed.