New Fish
Mar 1, 2018
Hello, I just entered into fish community within the last year or so and I'm just now getting things down by learning how to cycle tanks properly, maintaining and cleaning my tanks, and also learning how to take care of my fish so they thrive and reach their full potential. However with that said Ive had my neon tetras for a couple months now and one has always been a little off looking. I at first thought it was fin rot so I quarantined the little guy and began treatment for that. I saw some minor improvement but never fully recovered. In the process of treating for fin rot he got this lump on his bottom lip. I then asked one of my friends for advice and she advised me that she thought my poor little fish had cotton mouth which is a fugal infection so I then proceeded to treat him for that. Two weeks into the treatment he was acting more normal the lump shrunk up a lot but never went away. He's still eating and seems like a happy fish but my real question is, I've done some more reading up and I think he might have Neon tetra Diease. I'm going to post a picture along with my post and I would love some helpful advice on what you guys might think he have. I really don't want to euthanize him and would love to help him as much as I can. It's a month into him not doing so well but he still seems like he's enjoying life and he's quite the fighter I'd love to help him out if possible. Thank you.