Oct 16, 2017
Hi i am sadie i recently got a fish tank and got some ver beautiful tropical fishes i am here to seek professional advices n share my experiences with others. Thanks .

Oct 18, 2017
I've been keeping fish for over 6 years and I also kept a tank when I was a kid for a couple of years in the late 80's. At one point I had 6 tanks in the garage combining about 450 US gallons although I've scaled back a bit now and have 3 tanks in the house of a combined 230 US Gallons. You never stop learning so I'll be looking for advise myself and I'm also here to advise people from my experiences. I've kept a huge range of species over the years so have a lot of personal experience, particularly on Cichlids. I think personal experience is key on a forum such as this, you can get a different angle on things to simply advising from generic information of fish species on internet sites.