Small Fish
Oct 22, 2002
Hi! I am a newbie to fish keeping. A friend gave me an old 10 gal tank in December and has created a monster!  ;D
I'm just finishing cycling a new 20 gal for in the kitchen and have plans on at least two more in different rooms.
And fantasize a whole wall in my living room as one big tank! Which as crazy as I am I just may do!
I travel a lot and fish keeping works into my life style very well. A bit of a challenge to make the guys secure for when I leave, but well worth the effort.
Have checked out different sites on the net and find the forum and attitude here adds to the new experience of fish keeping.
Thanks to the designer of the page and all you folks who participate here,  for making this site as enjoyable as it has been.


Atlantic Fish

Good to have you in the tank (haha), I know stupid joke. I totally agree, Exellent job on the web site Arcab! Absolutly the best one I have ever seen. Always nice to see new faces join in.
Johnmac :)