Billy Bob

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Oct 22, 2002
Yorkshire England
Hi every1!

just started getting into fish stuff, ive got a 55g and a 20g however im not gonna use the 55 to scary!  Anyway had my first problem the other day my heater got to hot and messed up which caused to much condensation which led to green smog appearing in the water! oh well i restarted my cycle- i wasnt happy had to really caus i think it could have been something from the metal on my lid!

Oh well cant wait to get sum fish whats every1's ideas for what to keep?

look forward to hearing from u Billy Bob *celebratesmiley*


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Oct 22, 2002
Sin City, again...
howdy,welcome to myfishtank.net.sounds like a rough start.lets see if we can get you in the right direction.if you can use the 55ggal. it would be so much better,the inital cost is only a few bucks more and it will be much easier when that"cute"fish grows into a foot long monster or a disease outbreak occurs.more water,more dillution,less polution.as for the green smog,do you have the tank with direct sun reaching it or long periods of the tank light being on?your green smog is algae and is caused by light and nutrients in the water.try live plants an an algae eating fish such as a chinese algae eater or a pleco(the previously mentioned monster)but don't forget to wait for the cycle to be finished. reply back if you can.