Hello! I'm ArCab4!


The Big Fish
The Big Fish
Oct 22, 2002
Sunny Southern California
hey guys!

MRB suggested starting a new section where we could introduce ourselves to everyone. so i finally got off my lazybutt and did it. sorry for taking so long MRB. haha. oh yeah..so start a new thread for your own introduction..don't just add on to this one...it'll be easier to sort thro...so anyways...

my name is johnny. i am 23years old and i reside in sunny southern california. Technically I am in charge of this website but it's actually run by every participating member. and for that i am very grateful. i started fishkeeping in June 2000 so i'm a newbie when compared to those who have kept tanks for years.

i have 3 tanks right now, 29, 10, and a 6. The 29gallon is  freshwater tank styled amano-style. the 10gallon is a small saltwater setup. and the 6 gallon is my leftover tank. haha. where stuff that doesn't go into the 29 get tossed into.