Hello everyone.

Matt Nace

Superstar Fish
Oct 22, 2002
I have been keeping fish for over 12 years now. I currently Have a 55 gallon community, 29 gallon fully planted, and a 10 gallon Q-tank. Once I move, and become established, I plan on setting up my spare 29 gallon, maybe the other 10 untill the Big day, where my dream tank(300 gallons or more) would become reality.Maybe I will even do a saltwater tank again.

I am 28 years old, have a 28 year old wife , her name is Angela. We were  married on July 22,2000, but that was actually our 10 year anniversary for being together. So I have been with her for over 11 years.

I have 2 cats..Toby and Chloe, and all my fish.

I work as a chef in a retirement home, the pickyest people in the world to cook for. I love what I do, and those picky people, make me better at cooking than I could anywhere else.  I didn't goto school, but learned hands on with my Boss, who is my "mentor" in cooking. I have worked there for 13 years.

I love fish, love to cook, and love computers. I am really into my pro teams as well(except baseball).

I thank Johnny for this site. This is my "home" on the internet, and glad to be part of it with everyone here.