gsp very ill


New Fish
Jul 31, 2012
ok so yesterday my gsp went down an undergravel filter tube and was under the tank, now he only spins in circles very lazy and stays curled up. he first started to swim normal, but then would dart to the bottom and keep swiming as if trying to swin thru the gravel.... his belly is black eyes look slightly hazy and barely moves....
any info would help....
iu have him in isolation right now, upped the salinity, tried to treat for bacterial infections no change....


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Feb 1, 2010
British Columbia, Canada
I know this thread is old but I'm going reply anyways.
Can you provide any more details about your tank? Size, tank mates, age of GSP, etc?
A black belly indicates stress and stress can be caused by a great many things. What are your water parameters?
What is his belly like? Sunken in?