Goldfish fin issue


New Fish
Jan 10, 2011
Ok so I am totally new to this site and to being a fish owner. But since I am new here I have no idea where this post should go so I thought I dhould put it here since it has to deal with goldfish. But I need help. This last weekend I got 2 goldfish and a tank(small right now but am getting a 40 gallon on thursday from friend after learning about minimun size for tank and goldfish. So thats being taken care of.) I have a smaller black moor was nipping at my calici ryukin goldfishs back tails but did stop and there is absolutely no damage. My problem is that calicos front fin on the right side is like gone. he pretty much looks like nemo sorta. Now im not sure if it was lije that when I bought him or after I hoylused him. Im,almost positive it was not the black moor but ya. Should I be worried? Can anyone shed some light on this? I kniw its not fin tot cuz I usedto has guppies and one got it so I know what it looks like. Any ideas ad to what ot is or ehst caused it? Should I be worried?

Dec 14, 2010
Sunny California
It may have started as fin rot, fish are kept in pretty bad conditions at most pet stores (majorly over crowded, resulting in not the greatest water conditions), and it could have been made worse by the other nipping at his fins. It may also have been stress, both from the move and the bullying fish. When i first brought my angels home and crammed them into a too small tank, they fought and got crazy sick. A bigger tank and doing more frequent water changes helped a lot. Doing those things, their fins should grow back in just a few weeks.