Fresh Fish here

Oct 22, 2002
Hello to all!

I only very recently discovered this hobby, I would say around March this year when my office started up a tank, and I can say that I am caught on the fish fever!  ;D

Currently I have 2 tanks: One 10 gallon tank with a dwarf gourami and 11 neon tetras, and a 40 gallon with 5 common goldfish. Currently I just started few plants but I would like to have them fully planted in the future.

Look forward to seeing y'all later!


Atlantic Fish

Ive totally got MTS!!! One 35, a 25, 15. Two more 25g with lizards in them that I want to turn into freshwater and now I want a 125g.......WHEN WILL IT EVER END......... *laughingcryingsmiley* *laughingcryingsmiley*


Large Fish
Oct 22, 2002
Do we understand MTS...yes, we do.  Oddly, we started w/ a 55g and worked downward.  We now have a 55g, 38g, 10g, 5g, 2g, and a small betta tank (believe 1g).  We area also checking around for a 125g to work on as well.  I'm sure someone is working on a cure for MTS, but for right now, we are just filling in a bit here and there in our house until the time comes that we need a bigger house...hmmmm, more fish tanks...mmmmmmmm.

Oct 22, 2002
Welcome to the fish tank! Were all pretty much fish freaks/nerds 8) , you'll get used to it. So far I've got 3 tanks, a couple commet goldfish, some glass fish, a couple rosy barbs, and a bullfrog tadpole ( :p I know, he'll get huge, but I think I'm addicted to fish  :-/ . I can't seem to help it! )
Currently I'm working on a pond for my goldfish. Well, anyway, welcome aboard, and good luck ;D !