Dwarf Frog, New Tank

Nov 28, 2012
So I had bought over a year ago what was supposed to be an African Dwarf Frog, come to find out, it was a clawed frog. She got huge, which was fine, but upgraded my tank from a 4gal to 6gal. The moment she was put in there, with her same housemates and one new one. She ate up everyone. She killed the Mystery Snail, she ate the new Oto, killed the Betta, and was trying to go after the Kuhili Loach. So... I traded her back in to the pet store and they let me trade out for a new REAL dwarf. Had him only a day or so, and he passed.

So I am about to get another one, a replacement. My actual question is... My new tank is called the Fluval Edge. It is really cool, 6gal. But the pretty part of it, is that it is glass and you fill it all the way up so it looks solid full. There is a decent size opening where a frog could surface, but the entire top isn't accessible to air. There is also a tree in the back, that even when full holds a big air pocket. I would like to keep it full as it is supposed to be, because it's really pretty like that... but am afraid the dwarf frog may not be smart enough to find the surface area. My clawed did... but at first would shoot to the top and bump his head. But he continued swimming around until he found the opening, and then learned where to get air. So I wanted to know what people thought that have way more experience than I. I am posting a shot of the tank. You can see the black box on top, under that is all open and you fill the water a little over the opening to make the water totally fill the top -- but the frog could surface for air there. I just worry he may not figure out and drown by not finding it in time, or the big air pocket in the back right corner where the tree is.