Danio's and Tiger Barbs...

Mar 11, 2015
So, this is a newish 20 gal tank.
I started it out after a week by adding 6 danios, 1 of which died of fin rot, and 2 died from unknown causes, which I figured may happen, new tank + petstore fish... there are casualties to be expected.. but the other three have been hanging out quite nicely.
Anyways, now that my tank has cycled through and all the levels are proper, I decided to expand by adding a small school of tiger barbs (originally six but turns out I got seven because one of them was missing an eye, I got an extra for free?) one tiger barb is acting really funky, just kind of hovering around tiny quick little fin movements but mostly just appears to be hovering and keeping himself upright. I fear he will be kicking the bucket here soon ...

To the point!

While adding the barbs, the danios seemed curious and happy while the new bag of fish floated around in their home, but once actually releasing them into the tank the danios are just swimming right below the surface if they do swim down at all its quick and frantic like they are searching for an escape route. BUT heres the kicker! The barbs are paying them literally no mind..

other than the occasional barb breaking out of the school by himself to investigate, their paths have not even crossed.

I think the danios are over-reacting lol.

should i try adding a few more danios to give them the safety in numbers feel or just let them chill and see how things work out? I know three isn't really enough to school, even before i added the barbs they were more like individuals, who sometimes played together.

What should I dooooo!?