Clamped fins - ICK treatment the culprit?


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Jun 25, 2003
Leduc, AB, Canada
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OK, Rigel my betta got ICK 4 days ago. I found out my Aquarisol preventative treatment was being neutralized buy my water declorinator.

I treated him with Jungle ICK treatment from day 1 and he is on his 3rd dose.

The ICK is almost all gone from his body, just a few spots on his fins, but he is very lethargic.

Both Rigel and Reena (share a divided tank) have lost some color and have closed fins and fairly lethargic. Reena never did show the ICK spots.

I wonder if anyone else who used ICK treatment had the same effects (closed fins and lethargic fish) after treatment?

I am worried about doing a 4th treatment, I suspect the medication is quite strong and giving these negative side effects. I will likely only do another 25% water change and treat with Aquarisol and Melafix (to help the fins).

Do you think I should do a 4th treatment with the stronger medicine, or just wait it out?

Do they just need more recovery time? Rigel just looks exhausted, and I am still worried about him.:(

Feb 23, 2003
Naples Fl.
I can't say I have used that product. What is the temp. of the aquarium? How large is the tank and is it well oxygenated? Did you remove your carbon before dosing? I am a strong proponant of using salt and garlic to treat and prevent ich although garlic won't do much for large infestations but will give good results if treated at first signs of infection. I am not sure if you want to dose again with the meds. Is this med copper based?

I would test your water parameters at this point to see where your tank is at. I would also start introducing garlic with feedings ASAP and monitor the infected fish closely. If the infection is limited to one or just a few fish I would QT if possible. I have never had a fish die from ich.

I would also not dose with melafix at this point and allow your fish to recover along with your tank's water chemistry.

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