Cichlid bullying issues

Oct 18, 2015
We have two yellow african male cichilds that are chasing all of the other yellow cichlid fish. They killed one yesterday by nibbling on her fins. Now there is another yellow african cichild turning gray and another they're chasing that will soon be exhausted. All raised together. One of the bullying fish is in a temporary small plastic container in the tank. We tried putting all rocks once and all of our cichlids were acting weird and wouldn't eat even the purple ones. We have flower pots a boat logs and sand. What can we do?

Feb 27, 2009
What sized tank are they in? What species? How many of each species? Just colors are not enough information.

Are you certain the two doing the chasing are both males? Is it possible they are a pair?

If they had lived in harmony before and suddenly acting aggressive, it may be that the two have paired up and are looking to defend territory and are trying to chase others away. If there is not enough space, this can result in death of the 'intruders' in the couples' eyes.