African Glass Catfish


Small Fish
Oct 11, 2011
I've submitted this topic here and not in the bottom feeder forum because from what I am aware of African Glass Catfish are not bottom feeders. If I am mistaken I apologize profusely and please feel free to move this to the appropriate forum.

My sister's friend could no longer care for her aquarium and decided to rehome the inhabitants; she asked if we would take a single fish. She didn't know the species but had reassured us it had lived with mollies and guppies (our main aquarium that we've had set up for nearing a year is home to a small school of guppies and a slightly larger school of platys); she's had the fish for a little over two years and once had a school of them.

After receiving said fish and checking his health I was able to identify him as a male African Glass Catfish; upon doing more research I have learned that they are a schooling fish and wanted to get him a couple of companions to help him settle into his new life and bring him some comfort.

I've called various fish suppliers near and far and have been told that here in England this fish is not commercially available. I've got a few enquiries pending but will not receive any responses until Monday at the earliest. Patience is a virtue but I am concerned about our resident "Whiskers", as he's been named.

Right now he's sat sulking behind the cable of one of our filters; it's a similar colour to him so I think he feels safe there. I've checked up on him several times since we received him (which was last night) and have yet to see him eat. He may have done overnight but I am not certain. Our tank has plenty of hiding places should he choose to hide and we will be adding more plants at a later date.

I understand that any new fish will take time to settle but due to the fact I have never owned a species of catfish I am a little overly concerned. I'm not fussing around him as that'll probably stress him out more but the thought of not being able to get him in a small school of his own species concerns me more.

I'm wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on what behaviour to look out for regarding this particular species that would indicate stress, and any behaviour that would indicate that he is okay. I'm also wondering if I can't get him in a school of other African Glass Catfish if he would be okay in a school of Phantom Glass Catfish - I know they are a different species but honestly I am at a loss as to what to do.

I would greatly appreciate any help or advice anyone can offer. Thanks for your time.